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Time and Tide Overlords
12 November 2010 @ 09:46 am
Winterfest is the Gaian celebration of the Winter Solstice. It is considered one of the biggest holidays of the year, a time for friends and family. The holiday is a week long in duration, starting on December 18th and ending on the 24th. The biggest day of the holiday falls in the middle when the actual Solstice takes place on the 21st with extra special traditions that take place and grand parties thrown well into the night, for the night itself is the longest of the year.

All through the week, friends and families go visiting, spreading good will and cheer to those they know. Each house traditionally has a warm brew of spiced wine or mulled cider waiting for impromptu guests. A hallmark of the holiday is the increase in generosity, giving to those less fortunate, opening homes to strangers and looking to perform small acts of kindness. The giving of gifts is also customary. Traditionally, these gifts were of a practical nature: candles to stave off the dark, stacks of wood to combat the cold of winters, a new cloak to brace against the chilly winds, a rich cake made of dried fruits and nuts to keep hunger at bay. In more recent times, people have begun giving gifts of all sorts, not merely the traditional ones. As the giving has grown and spread, children have gotten increasingly fascinated with the holiday as it's moved away from giving to getting. Some particularly excited little ones even begin writing lists of what they want, the most eager as early as the end of November.

Feasting occurs all week as well, with the richest and best dishes possible being made. Roasted fowl make a grand showing on each table, usually accompanied by roasted root vegetables, dried fruits, nuts and the finest cheeses the family can procure. Among the traditional fare is a rich jelled dessert called Black Pudding, so called for its resemblance to those suspicious and squishy Flans that lurk in the Mist. Superstition has it that the dark creatures frolic and mate on the Long Night, and by eating Black Pudding, it scares them away from the home. There's a decadent chocolate cake simply dubbed the Yule Log, so named because it looks like a felled log with little meringue mushrooms. A favorite among the children are Snow Cakes, which are tiny hand-held cakes covered in whipped cream and topped with preserved cherries in the center. The aesthetic behind such an offering is that it takes on the appearance of a fire melting away the snow. Another favored treat with the little ones is the famous Candy Ring. These started centuries ago as simple cooked sugar formed into a ring to be given to children. Over the years, candymakers have attempted to showcase their talents, making said rings look more and more realistic whenever possible and becoming more grandiose (and sometimes ridiculous) with their attempts. This has resulted in women making pleas for their own rings- of the real variety.

Following the dinner of the night of the Solstice, families progress outside and hang bits of food on the trees for the animals so that they too may survive the coming winter. In Lindblum, being such an urban area, most families don't bother with the outdoor revelry and choose instead to have a tree cut and brought into the home, and choose to decorate it there. Other Gaians consider this both pointless and wasteful. However, out of necessity, at the end of the holidays, the family tree is chopped up and used for firewood.

Other decorations include the hanging of evergreen boughs inside the home, usually bunched and tied with ribbons. It's said that the prickly points of the branches will keep malicious spirits away from the house and hearth for the longest night of the year. These are done on the first night of the week and has come to be called Hanging of the Greens. Candles also make a prominent display in homes, as their light is meant to keep away the darkness of the Solstice. It's considered unlucky and ill-favored for a candle or fire to go out during the week, so both are carefully watched and guarded by the elderly and very superstitious.

Of the most anticipated and lively traditions to the holiday week is the forgiving of debts and role reversal. At the start of the week, outstanding debtors are to be forgiven what is owed, and minor criminals released from jail. Servants become masters in the houses they serve and children rule the home. Pranks and childish antics are overlooked by all but the most staid and straightlaced souls.
Time and Tide Overlords
15 June 2010 @ 01:09 pm

Once a month, the Treno Auction house holds one-of-a-kind auctions on the MoogleNET. Bidding is open to everyone for one week from the initial posting, and is open. It is a social event, so feel free to discuss the items with others! Please bid.

On rare occasion, the Jidoor Auction house puts up items for bid. These are rather rare items, and could be worth your while.


Always posted to both the MoogleNET and the Hunt Board in the Hunter's Camp, they advertise fiends that are roaming Gaia that need to be taken care of. A rather nice reward if offered to the heroes who take care of the beast. More information is here.


Blitzball, a sport native to Spira, has swept Gaia. During Blitzball season, teams from all across Gaia take part in games. It's never a dull moment with this game! Since television is not available in Gaia, Gilgamesh offers to video post the matches from his phone. Beware of that broadcasting bill though.

Played in the famous Royal Stadium in Alfitaria, Kickerbaul is a game much like soccer. There are huge nets set up on either end of the Royal Stadium, and the team with the most goals at the end of the game wins.

Cow Racing is much like it says. You bet on a cow, the handlers turn them loose at one end of the field. The first cow to the other side wins!


Time and Tides offers a wide variety of NPCs for your pleasure. Whether it's Matoya hiding in her cave from the world, or Regent Cid in Lindblum or the moogles that inhabit Gaia, they are always here to lend a hand, or useful information to your characters. A list of NPCs found in Gaia can be found here.

State of the World

This is word on the street information. Think of it as a gossip report. Just don't gloss over it though! Our esteemed plot mods have been known to weave crucial plot information into these posts. The information in these posts reflect what your more observant characters might notice for themselves, or what they might possibly hear while they're out and about. Chatty locals might drop some of these stuff if you're listening.


These are your juicier rumors about what may or may not be true. Interested in if two people are hanging around each other a little more often? Or are you interested in the latest treasure rumors pinging you? There's something for everyone to learn... or laugh at. These shouldn't be taken as facts, and are often localized. Learn more about it here, and don't forget to add in new news!

One-Time Item

Once your character has been in the game five months, without any activity check fails, you have the option of requesting one major item to bring into the game. Just make it a good one! You can only choose one per character! Just send a quick PM to the mod journal, tntoverlords. You can either choose this, or a personal quest. Additional information can be found here.

Personal Quest

Having trouble thinking of something to do with your character? Our esteemed plot mods come up with something long and involved for your character to do. Make sure your character has been in the game for five months, without any activity check fails. You can either choose this, or a one-time item. Send a quick pm to the mod journal if you're interested. Additional information can be found here.

Secret Event

Taking a long hiatus and don't want your character to disappear off the face of Gaia? This is an option for you to take your character out of play for an extended amount of time if you're going to be absent. Just let our plot mod masterminds know, and they can set something up. Additional information can be found here.

Citadel of Trials

A special and unique quest to do the unimaginable: change your job class. The particulars aren't common knowledge in Gaia, but there are rumors that if you can prove your worth, you can change who you are. Is it the journey or the destination which brings the change? Who can say? If you're interested in undertaking an epic transformation, please contact the moderators to have yours set up.
Time and Tide Overlords
14 March 2010 @ 07:55 pm
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Time and Tide Overlords
21 January 2010 @ 10:49 am
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Time and Tide Overlords
04 January 2010 @ 05:42 pm
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Time and Tide Overlords
30 September 2009 @ 04:02 pm
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Time and Tide Overlords
30 September 2009 @ 04:00 pm
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Time and Tide Overlords
10 August 2009 @ 12:25 pm
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